In the depths of lockdown, we raised the idea of forming a Bearbrass Writers Group. It began meeting weekly on Zoom to raise standards of composition, become educated about publishers and commerce, and meet accomplished authors online. 
The group found to its surprise that Bearbrass had three budding novelists, two accomplished poets, a published author of nine non-fiction books, sophisticated bloggers and a professional-standard photographer. 
Essays done for practice showed remarkable talent and hence the group got the idea to gather some in a booklet illustrated with member Kerrie Matthee’s excellent photographs. This resulting booklet covers exercises, extracts from novels-in-progress and profiles of members. 
We distributed a free copy of the 40-page high-gloss booklet to each member as a Christmas thank-you for supporting our club.
Here’s some sample pages from the booklet. The project illustrates the talent in our Bearbrass Probus Club.