It’s been wonderful for book club members to meet in person after many meetings on zoom over the past two years.  Our number has grown from six to twelve this year. While the group may seem large  invariably some members are away so discussion functions well. 
We decided to choose books that friends and reviewers suggested rather than our own favourites. This means that everyone gets to read a new book each month.  We also have a regular meeting venue now at the Malthouse Kitchen and Pantry. This is a lovely space with plenty of room, a manager prepared to turn the music down so we can all hear discussions  and importantly, good coffee.  It’s also conveniently close to home for the majority of members. We discuss a book for about an hour and then enjoy lunch and maybe continue discussion of the novel.
Sharing opinions and reflecting on our own lives in relation to the novels has meant that over time, we get to know each other well. Surely that’s a sound basis for developing firm friendships.
Convenor: Terry OKeeffe