Our first club trip for the new year is taking VLine ­­­­ from Southern Cross to Castlemaine. We are departing 10.06am Wednesday January 19.   We’ll visit the  lovely 3-acre heritage gardens of historic Buda Mansion (an 1861 Goldfields Villa). We’ll lunch there in the air-conditioned Garden Room then enjoy a guided tour of the mansion and garden ($30 total cost).  The rest of the afternoon is a “build your own adventure” , e.g.
1. A wander through the farmers’ market that is alive until 4 pm.
2. A self-guided 1 hour town walk, taking in the splendid architecture.
3. A visit to   the Market Building/Information Centre, including its Summer Art Show.
4. Get acquainted with “The Mill”, a creative hub for seekers of the collectible and curious.
5. Stroll through the Castlemaine Botanic Gardens and learn about the significant trees.
6. Help the local economy at a large bookstore, two shoe stores, cafes and boutiques.
Trains depart from 2.49pm and hourly thereafter. A departure at 3.49 will get you to Southern Cross station at 5.30pm.
The return train ticket is about $17 (you can use Myki or maybe your Senior’s­­­­­­­ free travel voucher). 
Buda Mansion was home to the creative Leviny family for 118 years and houses their significant collection of furniture, artworks and personal effects.  You can read about the fascinating family and their talents HERE
Friends and family are welcome to join us.  
The $30 payment for Buda needs to be deposited with Bearbrass in advance. Contact our trip leader janstewart2008@hotmail.com for queries and banking details.