Daylesford was the location of an opportunity for members and friends to enjoy each other’s company, stay for a few days and explore the delights of this wonderful, vibrant town and surrounds, an hour and a half north west of Melbourne.   The weather was beautiful and sunny and the autumn colours, magnificent.
Organised by our “alpha” event planner, Jan S, we got to Daylesford late on Sunday morning, had a look at the Farmer’s Market and then proceeded to lunch at the Convent Gallery, before touring the wonderful old building with its museum and art gallery. After checking in to the Central Springs Inn, the afternoon was filled with exploring the streets, buildings and monuments, shopping and wine tasting at Passing Clouds Winery and roast dinner at the Daylesford Bowling Club, cunningly within walking distance of the motel! Later that evening a never-ending game of Ludo was running and nearby a tightly fought game of 500 finished 1 all!
Monday commenced with a wonderful complimentary breakfast in the motel dining room which was blessed with the morning sun streaming in. Then off to a variety of pursuits including walking around the lake, nearly getting lost in dense bush outside of Hepburn Springs, visiting the botanic gardens, climbing a very narrow, very dark tower to take in the magnificent view, more shopping, sampling the local coffee shops and cafes, and a wonderful dinner at Bar Meranda (also cunningly within walking distance of the motel!) organised by our newest member Marianne D. After attempting to kick-on after dinner and being rebuffed by one of the local pubs (too noisy? too old? too late?) we went back to the motel for a (relatively) early night.
Tuesday morning for most was another great breakfast in the sunny motel dining room, then packing up and heading off back home, with many wonderful memories of another successful Bearbrass event.