Misty conditions did not deter 25 Bearbrass members and guests from their Morning Cruise on Victoria Harbour. Our tour deal included an excellent Devonshire morning tea with a quality coffee and an hour’s tour of Victoria Harbour, Hobsons Bay and a wee venture into Port Phillip Bay. The Port Phillip Ferry we travelled on was first class, providing every passenger with a comfortable seat with a great view, and, best of all a table on which to spread our little repast.
Our tour guide was Norm Boreham, President of the Alma Doepel Supporters Club. Norm gave us an excellent rundown on the history of the docks, significant vessels along the tour along with a wealth of other information about the area and the river traffic. As we approached our turn-around point we were delighted to see a couple of seals sunning themselves on a buoy. Everyone disembarked with a smile on their face, a good sign that this event was a winner.
P.S. Look out for Norm Boreham as a speaker at one of our 2023 meetings.