Twenty-five Bearbrass people enjoyed our first “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” on April 8. All three hosts Mel and Pam, Susan and Jan abide in Clarendon Towers in Southbank so we didn’t need to park and unpark and travel, just take a lift up to our dinners.
Guests’ names were drawn from a hat during a convivial starter with champagne in a function room on the ground floor. We got massive value from our $60 fee – champers and Hor d'oeuvres to start, then upstairs to Beef Bourguignon (or mushroom ragout), mashed potatoes and two salads, followed by petit fours and cheeses. The mains caterer was Black Truffle Catering, based at Collingwood, whom we heartily recommend. Dinner drinks were BYO and quite a lot was consumed judging by the racket and merriment in each apartment. 
Mel says that it was a rare night where everything went well without a hitch. That includes the Consort of our President, i.e., our First Gentleman,  being pulled over to the booze truck en route home, where he passed with flying colors thanks to his drinks discipline during the whole night. 
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