June’s general meeting speaker, Ross Berner (above), is a member of the Astronomical Society of Victoria and the spouse of member Debra Berner.
Ross held his audience enthralled with his presentation “Pluto ........... Planet or Not?”, walking us through the basics of the formation our solar system, the background to the method of classifying planets and the research which lead to the questioning of Pluto’s classification as a planet. 
Those of you who could not attend might well ask, what was the conclusion? Is Pluto a planet or not?  Suffice to say the jury is still out. This writer concluded that getting your head around all the relevant aspects of the Pluto’s role in the planetary system can make your head spin faster than Jupiter, I for one need to hear more to make up my mind.
Thanks to Ross for a compelling presentation. We look forward to a club outing to the Astronomical Society’s Melbourne Observatory later in the year.
For those who missed Ross's talk, we've at least found a YouTube about Pluto you can enjoy below.