New members Denis and Rosemary Kiellerup are veterans on Zoom meetings, for an unusual reason. Their eldest son Jim is an orthopaedic surgeon (mainly hips and knees) and the younger, Steve, who was an office manager, has had a kidney transplant.  So during the lockdown it was risky for the family to get together. Instead they’ve had regular Sunday evening meet-ups on Zoom.  But Denis in particular isn’t thrilled by any Bearbrass Zoom event – “I enjoy socialising face to face,” he says.
We remark to Rosemary about orthopedic surgeon Jim: “It must have been gruelling training to become a specialist?” 
“Yes, more than nine years,” she says. Jim trained not just in Melbourne but in Europe and the UK.
Like just about everyone in Bearbrass the couple started in teaching – primary level. Rosemary retired at 55 but then worked another dozen years as a private tutor. “It was easier one to one, than one to 40,” she says with some relief. 
Denis left teaching at school many years ago and after re-qualifying in psychology and business with higher degrees, lectured at Swinburne and Monash University. 
Denis managed the Syme Centre for Enterprise Development at Monash, and agrees it is unusual for teachers to become enmeshed in the business world. “I just subtly changed my focus from education to providing valuable advice to small-business entrepreneurs,” he says. “It’s sad to see people amateurishly setting up a small business and losing their life savings.” Denis, who’s also done some consulting, says, “My simplest advice to people is, ‘If you don’t have a market for your product, forget it.’”
Rosemary  plays mah jong at the RACV club, reads anything from murder mysteries to biographies and true stories, and is a member of “Friends of the Botanic Garden”. She’s in a group there that provides catering for Friends’ functions. “The bot gardens has never looked greener after our cool and moist summer,” she says.
 Denis is a fanatic about word puzzles and Sudoku, spending much time on nutting them out. Both Rosemary and Denis can crack a cryptic crossword with ease.
They came from Glen Iris to the Eureka Tower 13 years ago, and enjoy the socialising there – Rosemary’s in the tower book group. She loves travel and especially cruises. She has no qualms about booking cruises again, starting with a SA and Tasmania cruise and then the 12-day jaunt around NZ.  Denis doesn’t have the travel-bug and Rosemary therefore travels with his sister Diana. 
The couple knew of Probus in the suburbs and joined us on the recommendation of member  Jan Stewart. The Kiellerups’ unusual surname derives from Denis’s Danish ancestors who came to the Victorian goldfields in 1854. #