Eleven of Susan’s Movie Group trotted off to the Nova Carlton to see the Icelandic-noir film Lamb last night. The historic photo included here depicts a rare Bearbrass male-dominated group, six rams versus five ewes, and we ate in a cloud of testosterone.

Here’s a glimpse of the plot:
In Iceland, a herd of horses is spooked by an unknown, loudly-breathing entity that makes its way to a barn. Later, farmer María and her husband Ingvar are shocked to learn that one of their pregnant sheep has given birth to a bizarre human/sheep hybrid
María and Ingvar grow to love the hybrid lamb as their own child, take it in as their own, and name it Ada after Maria's deceased daughter.

We were all engrossed by the dour Arctic scenery and the ability of any humans to work a farm in this bleak terrain. As for the plot, there was bleating about credibility and we seemed to have mixed feelings but the film has won great respect worldwide.
After, Susan herded us to the nearby University Café after rounding up some stragglers, and we all arrived safely baa-none. 
Many ordered pizza and linguini and Spike refused to share any of his giant plate of duck. But no-one ordered the lamb chops.