Trivia at the Nixon Hotel on Thursday nights is well and truly up and running, attracting members (and non-members) to this fun social night.
In addition, our team entry is proving to be rather adept at the task of recalling unimportant facts, little known details and other pieces of information of little importance or value (how many different colours are in the flag of South Africa?).
The Nixon Hotel event is well attended, attracting a full house with an assortment of age ranges but the power of a full lifetime of accumulating life’s details is truly on our side. Over just the last few weeks our “Dockers” team has routinely won free beer for the table and at last Thursdays event the attending team members scaled the competitive trivia mountain to finish an impressive 3rd place!
These nights are proving to be a ton of fun and a great social night usually commencing with a drink and a meal before the order comes down to “put your phones off the table” and things get underway. Thanks go to Cheryl Markham for organising this event and if members are interested then it is important that you make contact with Cheryl as team tables need to be organised and booked prior.  Cheryl can be contacted via email at