Lots of action at November club meeting
About 35 members and friends enjoyed our November 8 monthly meeting and keynote speaker Jen Porter on “Archaeology in Melbourne’s CBD”. Jen is the Artefact Manager for Ochre Imprints and has practised as an archaeologist for over twenty years. She gave us a great talk on how the planned Town Hall Station excavations have unearthed tens of thousands of relics of Melbourne city’s past, including teeth galore pulled by a friendly but determined dentist and of course myriads of little clay pipes.
Before the talk, President Sue H and Membership Officer Allison H inducted our new member Cynthia  C,  who gave us a short autobiography as a get-to-know-you. Welcome to our club, Cynthia!
Then followed Tony T’s quiz focused on the impending State election. He had 23 questions all taxing our knowledge of politics and political personalities. Top scorer was politics buff Shane M, who made off with the first prize which was a giant tin of chocolates. About eight members came equal second and a run-off eliminated all but two who collared the plum-pudding prizes.
There was a big turnout of close to 30 for another fine lunch at TAP831 Restaurant, which the City of Melbourne generously supports via a meal subsidy for each member. We all agreed the chef’s tasty meals are worth at least five Michelin stars.
This was our last meeting for 2022 and next month we’ll get together on December 13 for our grand Christmas party.