Record Crowd at Trivia Evening 
A massive 35 members, partners and friends were on board Saturday 6pm September 4 for our Galah Trivia Quiz. A possible attraction was the chance to bone up on acquaintances in Melbourne’s gangster community such as Judy Moran and the late Carl Williams and late “Tuppence” Moran. Our member Margaret T was on nodding terms with Tuppence as they both frequented the same café in Union Road, Ascot Vale, sometimes almost simultaenously. The fortified residence of Judy Moran was only two blocks from the Thomas residence in Ascot Vale – we say “was” because soon after her arrest, her lovely home was mysteriously consumed in a freak fire. 
There were some complaints from our non-Catholic members about including Latinate questions, which were readily answered by the orthodox. Non-Latinate members learnt during the night that you’d have to be non compos mentis to be caught in flagrante delicto.There were envious female gasps at questions concerning large divorce settlements such as $US30 billion to Mrs MacKenzie Bezos and $US1.7 billion to Mrs Anna Murdoch.
Somehow our organiser forgot to include in that bracket of questions the settlement by Bill Gates (net worth $A177 billion) to his former squeeze Melinda. The cash handover has not been disclosed but fine print in the public domain includes that Bill will not have to pay any child support as their 3 kids are over age. 
 A great many questions were asked about house prices which gave the quiz a dinner-party atmosphere. Savvy members marked as “True” that in the other capital to our north, a Point Piper boatshed sold this year for $40 million. It’s also true that Melton is our cheapest suburb with a median price of about $500,000.
Julie R came out winner after the lead see-sawed between parties like the D---n’s and the St---ns. Julie’s Canberra smarts meant it was a doddle for her to correctly name Christian Porter’s and Penny Wong’s portfolios.
We’ll keep you updated about the next quiz shortly!