Kerrie Matthee's podcast to 125,000 Australasian Probus Members
Our member Kerrie has been selected by Probus South Pacific HQ in Sydney as interviewee for their Podcast to members series.
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Our member Kerrie Matthee's wild-life pics -- here's some more with Kerrie's captions
1 and 2. We had watched a few elephants for quite a while when one suddenly took offence and chased us down the road.
3. This is Pierre filming an adolescent elephant. When the herd has a strong matriarch the herds are usually very peaceful and if you stop your vehicle they will pass very close to you. Just after taking this shot, I felt something brush my hair, turned around and a very juvenile elephant was standing really close to me just sniffing me with his trunk. I sat dead still as he touched my head and shoulders for a few minutes and then wandered on his way. A really magical moment.
4. We came around a corner straight into a large herd of Cape Buffalo. They can be quite aggressive if you annoy them and are very large. They came very close to the vehicle but passed by quite peacefully.
5. A sable antelope in beautiful light stopping to say goodbye.
6. and 7. A cheetah digging into the evening meal and then relaxing afterwards
8. A mother and baby bush buck. Nothing better than seeing the young venturing out. These buck used to wander peacefully around the camp, not really bothered by the guests.
ends Kerrie's captions.#
We are privileged to have such a camera artist among us.
Talk to Bearbrass Probus by Pierre & Kerrie Matthee
From South Africa to South Korea Via Australia
Pierre and Kerrie were born in the mid 1950s in KwaZulu, South Africa and grew up at the height of the apartheid area.  Kerrie was raised in a progressive English-speaking family and Pierre in a conservative Afrikaans family, so Pierre’s family were unimpressed with his choice of partner --namely an English speaking Liberal who was far too outspoken for their liking. J
The level of violence was extreme, free speech was non-existent and censorship of the media and information shielded the reality of what life was really like in South Africa. Making the decision to leave family and friends was a desperately hard one, but at no time in our 35 years in Australia have we thought it was the wrong decision.  We love our life in Australia and have established a fantastic “Australian Family” here.  The  couple miss not just family, but also the unique wildlife.  Kerrie had spent many hours photographing African Wildlife in the local game reserves and has shared some of her photos with us – see separate post of her wonderful lion pics.
Pierre was Chief Information Officer for GM Holden and in 2009 was offered the opportunity to head up the IT Function for GM Korea based in Seoul.  At that stage the total annual car sales in Australia (all brands) was 1 million cars per year.  In Korea, GM Korea manufactured 20 million cars per year, exporting them around the world.
Companies in Korea are very engaged in community events and Pierre had the opportunity to dress up as Santa for the local Orphanages Christmas Party, make tons of kimchi (pickled veges) to be delivered to the underprivileged in the area and at many other events.  In addition, Pierre joined a running club and ran many marathons and half marathons both in Seoul and across the countryside of Korea, including the Demilitarised Zone marathon between South and North Korea.
Kerrie did a lot of welfare and volunteer work in Seoul.  She took on the role of Welfare Chair for one of the fundraising groups, maintaining existing projects and sourcing other worthy causes.  Two of the projects were :
  • Anna House, which provided a hot meal six nights a week for the homeless and needy, as well as medical and legal aid.
  • Pastor Lee created a “baby box” so unwanted babies could be safely left in his care (rather than abandoned on the church doorways).  He would receive up to 250 babies each year mainly from unwed mothers, outcomes of extra-marital affairs and other circumstances where shame would be brought on the family.  
  • Sourcing and purchasing second-hand equipment from hospitals and providing them to clinics in low income areas.
Kerrie also travelled within and out of Seoul pursuing her photography.  Korea is a beautiful country, 85% mountains, with 4 very distinct seasons. There’s a short but beautiful spring and autumn with their spring blossoms and autumn leaves and long freezing winters, regularly down to  minus 15C, and even longer hot, humid summers with monsoon rains. #