Another very enjoyable ramble by the Walking Group for September. The overall length of the walk, out and back, was about 10Ks, but some chose to take a tram part of the way, so as to make the walk about 6Ks.
The start for some was at the tram stop corner of Whiteman and Clarendon streets with a lovely walk along the track to Mr Hobson coffee bar to meet the rest of the group. We pressed on along the path passed Sandridge Beach before turning onto Webb Trail to the end at Sandridge Lookout.
The musical sound being made as the wind whistled through the Sandridge Lookout tower was quite special. However, the walk back was into the wind!
As always, the conversation was interesting and everyone got a chance to get to know a bit more about each other as we marched along.
A coffee at Mr Hobson followed as we prepared for the walk or tram ride back into the city.