Another great evening tasting wines, although a little less curated than some other evenings. We tasted wines brought along by members of the group, based on whatever selection criteria they chose.
We tasted:
  1. Pikes 2022 Clare Valley Riesling
  2. Pauletts 2016 Polish River Clare Valley Riesling
  3. LÁrtisan 2020 Pinot Noir France
  4. Artisans of Barossa 2021 Barrel Blend Grenache
  5. S. C. Pannell 2019 McLaren Vale Basso Garnacha
  6. Trambusti 2021 Chianti.
The two rieslings were very interesting with the Pikes very crisp and dry and the Pauletts showing the characteristics of an aged riesling with its "keroseny" nose and palate (not as bad as it sounds!). The french pinot noir was delightful and the two grenaches were light and fruity. The chianti to finish, was a much drier wine, with much more depth of colour than the grenaches. The group was split on the best wine with votes shared for every wine tasted. 
As is our habit, we were off to The Clarendon Hotel for dinner (and a few more glasses of wine!).