Melbourne Bearbrass
Ground Floor Conference Room
Clarendon Towers
45 Haig Street
Southbank, VIC

The wine lovers of Bearbrass Probus Club will convene next

  • on Friday 26th March – which is next week, so very soon!
  • at 6:00pm
  • in the conference room on the ground floor of Clarendon Towers (45 Haig Street, Southbank).

The group agreed last time that the cost would be $25 per head.


The aims of next week’s session will be to look at one (red) grape variety in some detail in a palate training phase and then to indulge in a bit more of the best!


Six wines (from Australia, France, Argentina and Chile) will be offered in a mix of open and blind tasting. The top two wines will then be available in drinking quantities.