Following President Mel’s superbly-organised wine tasting event on February 12, Jill de Araugo is putting on another next Friday (March 26), again  at Clarendon Towers. It was virtually booked out within hours. The deal is that we look at one (red) grape variety in some detail in a palate training phase and then indulge in a bit more of the best!
 Six wines (from Australia, France, Argentina and Chile) will be offered in a mix of open and blind tasting. The top two wines will then be available in drinking quantities. A great evening’s entertainment for $25 per head. Come to think of it, Jill and her squeeze Neil won the coveted Barossa Pearl trophy bubbly for best guesses at Mel’s previous tasting. We’re in the presence of conosseurs   connoiseurs. connosseurs
 connoisseurs! (got it right at last).