Hi friends!
Our next Bearbrass Writers’ Group is on Zoom  at 5pm next Thursday September 16. The link is has been emailed to members.
Our group has grown to eight with two new arrivals.
Last meeting was partly  a “getting to know about you” and next meeting will continue to focus on our various forms of writing, editing, publishing and learning.
We have a wide range of writing experience and we’re all friendly and supportive of those starting out or revising their journey as writers.
I’ll send you some more examples of Thomas family writing and editing, and we’ll continue to follow the progress of Ros Thomas’s first novel “How to shame the devil” into publication and Perth launch by mid-November.
If you’ve got any drafts you’d like Tony to review/edit please email them over, tthomas061@gmail.com
See you there Thursday!
Pics left: Let's aim high -- Lev Tolstoy standard for our arty members, and JK Rowling standard for those planning a best-seller. (Which is which? The clue is that Ms Rowling doesn't have a beard) :)