Winning the fortnightly Rotary Central Melbourne  trivia quiz is like getting a Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize and Brownlow Medal in one hit. Yet this feat was pulled off last evening by our Bearbrass pair Cliff and Judy S., who had never used the Kahoot quiz app before. Moreover, the app software failed to award the dynamic duo points on three correct answers, much like the US voting machines had it in for the sitting President. Yet Cliff and Judy won all the same. We asked the power couple who was the more brainy one and without hesitation Cliff named Judy, mentioning that she reads the Encyclopedia Britannica over the breakfast table.
Second place was Rotary Central Melbourne’s John I, who for some reasons calls himself “The Ghost Who Walks” and in third, Tony and Marg T, who for the purposes of this report will count as Bearbrass despite Tony’s 20-year history with RCM.
Cliff and Judy will run the next Trivia Night using Kahoot but all our brains were too fatigued to decide when this will be. Watch this space.
(They are pictured after having solved the mysteries of Stonehenge).