Four Bearbrass members and four partners/friends are heading for the Antarctic on New Year’s Eve. They’re taking the 14-hour sight-seeing flight from Tullamarine. Members are Mike S., Tony T., secretary Sue H., and Heather A. Seats are still available as at October 7.
The flight is OK lockdown-wise and you don’t even need a passport. Our team will be on a B787 Dreamliner which has the big windows. You’re shifted around seats to share the views (220 passenger-capacity). You can also wander around and peer through unused windows.
The plane flies much lower than normal to get the views (but not too low…) and keeps its flight plan flexible to stay in clear weather on the continent, which is a lot bigger than Australia.
The flight leaves at 5pm, flies through the night to Antarctica, stooges around mid-summer there, and gets back to Tulla at 7am.
Mike is in a $6500 business class seat but can wander down to Economy at will to hob-nob with the Bearbrass riffraff. Economy seats start at $1200 (don’t bother, try $2200) and go up to $4000. Treat it as spending the kids’ inheritance.
Mike says, “I’ve always wanted to see the real Great Southern Land. I tried to join a summer expedition immediately after finishing uni but they only wanted experienced scientists or builders, drivers and tradies. No room for freshman engineers.
“Twenty years later, a friend joined a small group on a chartered sailing boat from Tierra del Fuego but I was too late to get a bed.This flight will shorten my bucket list by one.”
The tour’s website is It looks like there’s plenty of seats left if you’re quick. The video here:
 is from last year involving a Jumbo 747 rather than a Dreamliner. 
We’re making no assertions so do your own checking, investigate insurance cover, and don’t blame us if it all goes pear-shaped. Email if you're interested. #