Julie C. is doing a fabulous job recruiting members for us – six have joined our happy band thanks to Julie’s word-of-mouth. We’re keen to keep expanding the club, partly because it gives us a better base for fun activities.
What’s Julie’s secret? "There isn’t any", she says "Just mention our club at any opportunity."
“I belong to a couple of other social groups like a coffee group and a women’s group,” she says. “I’ve lived in Docklands more than six years and evolved a wide-spread network. And for example, I met someone when I was doing my weekly shopping and she mentioned she was retiring so I mentioned Bearbrass.”
She doesn’t hard-sell our club – just mentions it to likely starters and points them to our website or friendly secretary Sue, who’ll help orient them to what we’re about.
“Because we’re a new club, we’re all open to creating friendship circles and newcomers don’t feel they’re outsiders and they fit in quickly,” Julie adds.
We’re particularly keen to recruit blokes so put your thinking caps on about who’s a prospect.