As I trust you would agree, Bearbrass Probus has come a long way since the first meeting in February this year. Back then we were able to see each other face-to-face, meet as a complete group, shake hands, hug and stand closer than 1.5 metres. Then along came COVID-19 and It now seems like we are actors in a science fiction movie!

Left: Mel with Pam and grandson Lenny, 4.


Notwithstanding the restrictions and limitations as a consequence of the pandemic, we have been able to significantly grow membership, conduct regular well-attended speaker meetings and form an ever- growing number of special interest groups, all operating online using Zoom.

During my recent monthly catch-up with Probus South Pacific management, I was advised that we are one of the most active Probus clubs in existence. It seems that many Probus clubs have chosen to hibernate for the duration of the pandemic.The launch of this newsletter and the new website are other examples of the amount of work being done to maintain connection between members and develop a strong foundation for expansion post-COVID.

Even in an on-line, non-touch world, maintaining contact between members need not be restricted to the fortnightly speaker meetings or the regular online interest groups such as the book club or the coffee catch-up. I would like to encourage members to reach out to each other through personal contact, whether it be via phone, Zoom or waving from a distance and also to use our Facebook page to put up messages and comments, and share thoughts and observations.

Stay Safe, President Mel.