President Mel’s October Report
Welcome to our third bumper version of the newsletter. And remember, click when you see "Read More" to get the full story, not just the precede. 
Another massively busy month for Bearbrass Probus! With the lockdown dragging into its third month we were still able to keep connected thanks to Zoom and the internet.
We have had three great speakers since the last newsletter – Pete Williams gave us an inspiring story about his volunteer work with bushfire ravaged communities since Black Friday, Ralph Alphonso’s made us all envious as he regaled us with his adventures photographing our furthest outback people and places and Rowan Callick scared us all witless with his predictions for the behaviour of China under the leadership of Xi Jinping.  The coffee mornings, cocktails for Probus day and quiz events meant we are all keeping (relatively) sane and getting to know (and recognise) each other a little better.
Of course involvement at the moment means we must use technology to communicate and I know some members are struggling a bit. Well, good news! Greg Jeffrey has been undertaking a Digital Mentoring course over recent weeks, run by Probus South Pacific. He is now available to provide support to any member struggling with technology issues and will provide a few specific training sessions over the coming weeks. Contact:
Thanks Greg for stepping up!
Well hopefully, by the time the next newsletter comes out we may be able to have some face-to-face contact – who knows? Until then, stay safe
President Mel.
Left: Mel and Pam with Grandson Lenny.