Seventeen brassy Bearbrass-ians and friends investigated the slaughter of fictional Hamstead’s Mayor Westcott on September 12. There were clues aplenty but our thicker members focused on illicit relationships and incest rather than a stone bust of Mr Westcott which dealt the fatal blow. The culprit, journalist Paula Puffleworth played by one of our nameless members, was castigated by the nasty Slade O’Slick as a liar, b—h, and s—t but others believed her cock and bull tale anyway.
Members costumed up brilliantly, especially Spike as medico with excellent surgery background; Jim as gaolbird Freddy Sharp, Jan as Dorothy Vanderburg in lurid pink flapper rigout, and Cliff as butler John Johnston. Debra had a tall orange hat/ostrich plume and showed an uncanny resemblance to Homer’s Marj Simpson. Secretary Sue came as vamp Skye Sharp but no-one noticed she was in costume J
Coral-lee excelled at defeating Murphy’s Law on the technology and will be nominated in the next Honor’s List as AC (Companion of the Order) plus AO for her initiative and enterprise getting this elaborate show on the road. Coral-lee thanks all attendees for attendance and rig-outs.