Do you feel like Committing Murder?

It’s probably not a good idea, instead come and join your Probus pals for a
Murder Mystery Evening
 It’s the roaring twenties, the jazz music is playing, the flapper dresses are in abundance and everyone’s drinking Gin Rickey’s and Highballs…
You’ve been invited (for one reason or another) to a feast at Mayor Westcott’s imposing family manor in the town of Hampstead. But, during the evening the mayor is found dead in his office. Has there been foul play? Do you suspect one of your fellow guests? Who is telling the truth and who is covering up a secret? Can you work out who did this dastardly crime before the evening is up…?
Mayor Wescott and Mrs Westcott  
Cordially invite
Bear Brass Probus Members 
Westcott Manor for Dinner
  Sunday 12th September
Dress Code    1920s
RSPV  Friday 10th  September
Further clues about the event are here