Amid the COVID-19 gloom, our members have relished the fun and socialising of fortnightly Trivia Nights. The next Trivia is at 5.30pm Friday Sept 11 - be there! We'll email the link shortly.
The surprise element is the cooperation among members of Bearbrass Probus, Sunrise Probus and Rotary Central Melbourne to share the hosting and bulk up the contestant numbers. In effect, the workload of organising each Night is rotated among us all. (The system is that the Night's winner becomes the host for the next meeting). The  September 11 night will be hosted by two members of none of our clubs (yet), who are 'friends of Bearbrass'. 
As we  have stressed, Trivia nights are not about winning but about having fun and getting to know each other. Moreover, alcoholic drinks are served along with gourmet junk food such as potato crisps.
Pic: Some of the contestants at the August 28 Trivia Night. Note that several aliens dropped by to check that Tony's cosmology/planetary quiz was kosher.