Today’s meeting report, Sept 8:
Rowan Callick on China’s aims
The meeting was recorded. To replay Rowan's talk, click HERE.  Apply passcode DWj1JWW% 
This meeting attracted record attendance of about 80 for Bearbrass, including visitors from Rotary Central Melbourne, Sunrise Probus, two think-tanks based at the Savage Club and friends from afar as Seymour Rotary. 
No-one was disappointed as Rowan’s talk was rivetting, based on his many decades of covering China for the Australian and international press.
Among those attending was Hugh Morgan AC, a Reserve Bank Governor from 1996-2007, Founding Chairman of the Asia Society Australia, a President of the Business Council and ex-CEO of Western Mining. We also welcomed Research Professor of Public Policy Michael Porter of Deakin University and many other leading citizens.
Pic left: Rowan in China with a young friendly local
Rowan spoke nearly half an hour and generously fielded many questions. Among his points:
# China’s President Xi Jinping is determined to take over Taiwan, as China now has taken control of Hong Kong. In terms of its program, it’s a matter of when, not if.
# Visiting China has become hazardous for any Westerner, given the arbitrary nature of China’s legal system.
# When President Xi meets people, he gazes over their left shoulder while they bow.
We are much in Rowan’s debt for his giving us so much of his wisdom and valuable time.