Dear Fellow Members
Welcome to Year Two of Melbourne Bearbrass Probus! We have just had a successful Annual General Meeting with three new members to the management committee – thanks to Julie, Jill and Greg for getting involved. The future looks very exciting for our club, with ten new members (soon to be eleven) since the beginning of 2021 and plenty of new interest groups and events on the horizon. 
It also looks like an acceptable “normal” has returned to our lives, which will allow our club to operate on a face to face basis, only resorting to online gatherings when circumstances demand.
Our March Bulletin, thanks to our newest (and only) life member, editor Tony Thomas, is chock-a-block full of great stories about some of our remarkable group of members and recent and  upcoming events. So, read on and don't overlook the "Read More" link at the bottom of an item -- there's often a lot of content spilled over.
Best Regards – President Mel.