Welcome to our second newsletter. What a month it’s been at Bearbrass Probus!
We had two great speakers - member Ingrid Brophy held everyone enraptured with her very personal story about her journey to find out about her father’s experiences as a POW in WWII. Then the bubbly, enthusiastic Katia Loisel, provided valuable observations about body language and relationships in our locked-down world.
Another of our members, Kerrie Matthee has been selected by Probus South Pacific HQ as an interviewee for their Podcast to Members series – quite an honour. Well done Kerrie! And our club featured in HQ’s latest newsletter to its 125,000 Australasian members.
The book club, movie group and coffee mornings continue to be well attended, involving a lot of serious and not so serious conversations to exercise our minds. 
All of that and five new members! 
Stay Safe, President Mel.