One avid member of speaker Katia Loisel’s audience on August 25 reflected the diversity of Bearbrass. She was Ingrid Brophy’s toy poodle cross Baci (Italian: “Kiss”) who sat on Ingrid’s lap throughout (as per picture). We interview Baci below.
Bearbrass: Tell us a little about yourself?
Baci: In human terms, I’m 77-year-old bitch, retired.
Bearbrass: What was your pre-retirement occupation?
Unemployed and on benefits. Never done a day’s work in my life.
Bearbrass: Your take-home message from Katia’s talk?
I liked it when she showed a photo of her dog.
Bearbrass: What did you learn about body language?
I could see everyone smiling when Katia was smiling. I smile a lot myself but I’m not necessarily sincere.
Bearbrass: But you were sincere when kissing Ingrid during the talk?
Perhaps. She had treats in her left dressing-gown pocket.
Bearbrass: Ingrid was in a dressing gown?
That was just my little in-joke. She does get up late.
Bearbrass: Can you apply Katia’s insights to relating to your canine friends?
I could teach her a thing or two about body language, actually. We have more expressive tails than you lot, for a start. We normally go around each other in circles and then…
Bearbrass: Yes, we know. Any other comments?
Not really. Do you have any treats on you?
Bearbrass: Sorry, no., Will you apply for Bearbrass membership?
Possibly, It’s a big commitment. I’d like to check out the other people first. You know who I mean. No offence but.
Bearbrass: We quite understand. Thanks, Baci.