Coral-lee and Russell Keep’s 6pm Trivia hour on Zoom on Saturday August 21 involved no trivia quiz but was still so exciting that it ran for 105 minutes not the scheduled 60.
Our 13 members and pals who showed up were a lucky number. That’s because we had super fun working out liars and truth-tellers in Would I Lie To You which occupied the whole session.
The Keeps messaged us afterwards, “We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
It was as though we were all in our lounge room, laughing and talking  over each other, trying to get a word in. Much appreciated amid the dreary lockdown landscape.”
In terms of bare-faced lies our President Mel excelled with a fantasy of his great great grandfather Mr MELville striking it rich with big nuggets at Bendigo 1853 and being relieved of the proceeds by a con-man friend. The (in)tangible legacy of the fraud remains in the shape of MELville Road, Brunswick.
We also learnt intimate detail about Secretary Sue’s housekeeping skills. As she related, “Bored out of my brain I cleared out my fridge” and our job was to decide which item emerged with the longest time beyond use-by date. In the event the back of the fridge yielded a 2018 vial of eye drops and a 2018 jar of “Tahini” (a paste made from sesame seeds, we’re informed by Dr Google). We suggest that if the Hoiles invite you to dinner, bring along a food taster just in case.
Jan S correctly claimed possession of a “Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence” so check whether she’s the driver of the next B-Double that thunders past you on the Ring Road.
Marg T correctly disclosed that she was the TV glitter girl drawing Tattslotto first prizes in the 1980s. We also learnt from her that another Tatts worker won first prize twice, and a lady worker in the prize pool office won $30,000. As the draws were well audited, it was all just coincidence, she avers.
Debra correctly told about her tap dancing gigs at the Palais, St Kilda. We missed the detail but jotted down the words Glamor Puss, Dolly Parton; Peacock Wings; and “100 people on stage”.
Julie R confessed to being a Neil Young groupie but denied ever having thrown her knickers at him when he was on stage at the Melbourne Music Bowl. We agreed this was too much information.
A surfeit of information was also involved with Russ’s take of rescuing a floating slab of beer cans in the freezing Lake Eucumbene, clad only in his green underpants decorated with mice pictures. This adventure was untrue, he explained, to the extent that his underpants were actually orange. Quite a debate ensued about whether or why slabs of beer float in fresh water.
Coral-lee was once a women’s cricket star fast bowler and in one serious match bowled six wickets for one run. She also revealed the reason she makes Russ place the open end of pillow-cases away from the door on the rare occasions when he helps her make the bed: It’s a hospital tradition dating from Florence Nightingale in the Crimea, when sand blowing into tents needed to be kept out of pillows.
Pam G told an elaborate and apparently true tale of a rogue ancestor marrying a Russian ballerina/princess after defrauding his first wife and their offspring.
It sure was a rollicking evening and all kudos to the Keeps as organisers.