A broad range of activity groups are operating to cater to the specific interests of the members. The groups currently include:
Arts Group - Convenor Tony Thomas
Book Club -  Convenor Kerry Franklin
Coffee Catch-up - Convenor Sue Hoile
Dinners and Lunches - Convenor Spike Sparkes
Golf - Convenor Heather Ablett
Mahjong - Convenor Sue Hoile
Movie Group (Tuesday) - Cate Thompson
Movie Group (Wednesday) - Convenor Susan Bower
Table Tennis - Convenor Shane Mason
Tenpin Bowling - Convenor Elizabeth Markwell
Walking Group - Convenor Mel Gray
Wine Appreciation - Convenor Jill de Araugo
500 Cards - Convenor Shane Mason
Crafty Bearbrasser - Convenor Maryla Juchnowski
Contact with the group convenors can be made by email to bearbrassprobus@gmail.com.
More detail about each group follows:
Arts Group
This group organises events on an ad hoc basis including galleries, concerts, theatre and other cultural activities and  is generally open to all members, unless there is a specific limitation set by the location itself. 
Book Club
This group reads and then discusses books that are freely obtained,  as hard copy or able to be downloaded onto an iPad or tablet. The specific books are agreed in advance by the group members and every member has an opportunity to provide their insights into the book during the discussion. Numbers are limited to allow easy discussion of the specific book.
Coffee Catch-up  
This group is open to all members and meets each second Tuesday for an informal conversational catch-up over a coffee at a variety of cafes in and close to Docklands. 
Dinners and Lunches
This group is generally open to all members. These events tend to be organised ad hoc at local bistros and restaurants in places where members can order and pay individually to avoid the problems associated with splitting bills. For some events there will be a fixed price set menu.
This group is open to players of all abilities and does not have anyu specific limitations on numbers. Both public and private courses will be used with the opportunity for some overnight trips to country courses as well. The emphasis will be on social play and socialising after the game.
This group is open to players of all abilities and provides teaching for those unfamiliar with the game. 
There are two separately convened Movie Groups. One on a Monday once a month and the other  on a Wednesday once a month. There is no specific limitation to the number of attendees.
Both groups attend movies from a wide variety of genres at local cinemas such as the Kino in Collins street, the Nova in Lygon street and the Como in Toorak road and then meet to discuss the movie over drinks/dinner afterwards. 
Table Tennis
This will be a free fortnightly event held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.
Come along to the Library at the Dock, 107 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands, and have a hit of table tennis
together with fellow members.
No experience needed - it's a fun activity. 
Come along and learn to play or, if you are experienced, hone your skills a little.
Tenpin Bowling
The aim of this interest group is to have lots of fun and fellowship with friends.  The event will be held on the 2nd Friday of the month, except for during Victorian school holidays.  No experience is necessary - its not part of a League just a fun event.  After bowling we will adjourn to a nearby cafe for light refreshments.

Walking Group

This group meets monthly to walk around various landmarks close to the city. Walks are generally around 5k and certainly no further than 8k with big hills avoided. A suitable stop for coffee is normally part of the walk.  It is a good opportunity to get some exercise and have a chat at the same time.

Wine Tasting
Members of this group gather at 5pm on the last Friday of the month to taste wines in a very social setting. One month the meeting is held in a private venue and participants taste six different wines selected on a specific theme. Tasting notes are provided by the Convenor. The next month the meeting is held at a commercial wine bar, where members can choose their own tipple.
Generally the tasters continue on for dinner at a local restaurant. For those meetings at a private venue tasting a curated collection of wines, the maximum number of attendees is 12. When the group meets at a commercial venue any restriction on numbers of attendees is determined by the venue's seating capacity, so will vary accordingly.
500 Cards 
This group is open to players of all abilities. It will include classroom type learning for beginners, providing complete interaction with questions and answers, supervised play for beginners and competitive play for the more experienced. 
Crafty Bearbrassers
This group is open to embroiders knitters painter jeweller and other crafty people who come to share and learn