Every city has its secret charms often hidden in plain sight. As a member of the walking group it has been a pleasure to walk through so many areas I thought I knew well only to realise I had overlooked some wonderful architecture or had not known about a fascinating piece of our civic history.
The walking group has been to numerous places around our city in the last few months. Pam Gray, provided a tour on a lovely day around Carlton noting the beautiful architecture that abounds in the area. Clive Gartner and Dawn Riddel guided us through Williamstown unearthing the area’s rich maritime past.  Jan Stewart took us through the streets of Fitzroy noting its colourful characters particularly in the 1920s. Jean Houston guided us along the Yarra near Dykes Falls and Abbotsford  Convent. I took a small group along the Yarra from  Southgate towards Bolte Bridge. It was a fascinating experience doing the preparatory historical research on the area for the event.
The weather has not always kind on these journeys, but walking and chatting with friends, then stopping to hear interesting information about a place and finally finishing with a welcome cup of coffee has made the regular walking group events something I look forward to each month.
Terry O’Keeffe