Hi There Movie Lovers,
As part of our spirited discussion about the films Capote and Infamous earlier this week, the film To Kill A Mockingbird came up. It was referred to in both films and of course it was written by Harper Lee, Truman Capote's best friend.
This is the film I am nominating for a Zoom discussion on Wednesday Sept 22.
I have changed the Zoom time to 5pm. If this time is inconvenient to several of you I will revert to 4pm
The novel, The Kill a Mocking Bird was published in 1960 and has become a classic of American literature, winning the Pulitzer Prize.
The film of the same name was released in 1962 and starred Gregory Peck. Directed by Robert Mulligan ( Baby the Rain Must Fall and Summer of 42 amongst others) and written by Horton Foote (Tender Mercies, The Trip to Bountiful and others)
The powerful story deals with prejudice against black Americans and those with a mental illness. It is told from both an adult and child's point of view and remains a favourite today. 
The film To Kill a Mocking Bird can be found on You Tube ( thanks Spike) to rent for a small fee.
I hope you can join me to discuss this beautiful film.