It is our intention to provide a broad range of activity groups to cater to the specific interests of the members. However, the formation of groups has been hindered by the current government restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The groups currently include:
Coffee Catch-up. Convenor Sue Hoile
Cycling - Convenor Greg Jeffrey
Book Club -  Convenor Cate Thompson
Film group - Convenor Anne Fairhall
Wine Appreciation - Convenor Mel Gray
Contact with the group convenors can be made by email to
More detail about each group follows.
Coffee Catch-up  (Fortnightly using Zoom)
This group meets each second Tuesday for an informal conversational catch-up over a coffee. 
This group is open to players of all abilities. Both public and private courses will be used with the opportunity for some overnight trips to country courses as well. The emphasis will be on social play and socialising after the game.
This group is open to players of all abilities. It will include classroom type learning for beginners, providing complete interaction with questions and answers, supervised play for beginners and competitive play for the more experienced. 
This group enjoys social rides with a friendly low speed and a focus on a coffee stop mid-way, rides are roughly 20 kilometres in total (though this is variable). Bikes can be any type, including e-bikes but must be in good working order at the start. Speed will be as per the slowest participant and we will wait for everybody to regroup at routine intervals. We take bike paths wherever possible and minimal on road unless necessary.
Book Club
This group reads and then discusses books that are freely obtained,  as hard copy or able to be downloaded onto an iPad or tablet. The specific books are agreed in advance by the group members and every member has an opportunity to provide their insights into the book during the discussion.
This group watches and then meets to discuss movies from a wide variety of genres, with  drinks/dinner afterwards. Each member of the group is able to nominate a movie for discussion in turn, as long as the movie is freely available from online services.
Wine Appreciation 
This group involves tasting wine in a very social setting. A number of different wines are chosen and presented without the labels being shown. Each participant is provided with a set of tasting notes for all the wines being tasted and invited to identify each wine against the appropriate tasting note.