Eligibility for Membership

People can join our club if they’re still working (full or part time) rather than retired.  

Our constitution states: "Membership of this club shall be open to retired and semi-retired professional and business people and others from any worthy vocation and who appreciate and value opportunities for social contact with others in similar circumstances."
This means that anyone of good character who sees benefits from our club is welcome to apply. You don’t have to have a “professional or business” background either.

The process is as follows:

  • Complete an application for membership (below)
  • Applicants for membership must be sponsored by two members of the club and approved for membership by a majority of the Management Committee (if you do not currently know a member of our club, we will be able to nominate sponsors once the application is received)
  • No person shall be denied membership of the club for reasons of race, religion, or political persuasion.

Application for Membership

Just complete the online form below and hit "submit"!

Should you have any questions about membership they can be emailed to bearbrassprobus@gmail.com