Speaker Date Topic
Dr Rebecca Tunstall Aug 10, 2021 11:30 AM
Championing commercialisation of Australian medical research into innovative health solutions
Championing commercialisation of Australian medical research into innovative health solutions

The medical technologies, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector in Australia is vibrant and critical to Australia’s economy, the health outcomes of the population and the innovation ecosystem. With nearly 1,300 companies and 68,000 jobs across industry and research, the MTP sector is a major contributor to the Australian economy.

The sector enables access to innovative therapies and medical devices that assist in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease, which delivers significant benefits to patients and improving overall population health outcomes.  The MTP value chain extends from research where discoveries and inventions are made, to pre-clinical and clinical development and to manufacturing and market launch of products. It encompasses a wide range of participants, each playing a critical role in the sector’s growth and success.

Join Dr Rebecca Tunstall from MTPConnect as she discusses how the sector is being supported to bring outcomes of Australian medical research to market, some of the challenges of commercialisation, and of course the success stories and opportunities for Australia as we move forward.

Bio: Dr Rebecca Tunstall is the Senior Director of Stakeholder Engagement at MTPConnect, where she leads the stakeholder engagement teams nationally to drive connectivity, innovation, productivity and competitiveness in Australia’s medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals (MTP) sector. Rebecca has extensive experience in pharmaceutical clinical development and external engagement having spent 13 years at GSK in various leadership positions in clinical research and medical affairs, focusing on oncology research and development.  Rebecca was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at McMaster University and University of Guelph, Ontario Canada and has a Doctor of Philosophy and Bachelor of Applied Science with Honours.

Mark Cochrane-Holley Sep 14, 2021 11:30 AM
Melbourne’s Thriving Economy of the Future
Melbourne’s Thriving Economy of the Future

Before COVID-19, Melbourne was recognized as one of the world’s most competitive and resilient economies, with a Gross Local Product of $104 billion in 2019. COVID-19 has hit the City of Melbourne’s economy harder than other parts of Australia. Modelling undertaken by PwC Australia projected that the municipal economy would lose 79,000 jobs and up to $110 billion in output over the next five years.

City of Melbourne’s response has been swift and targeted but acknowledges that the policy settings made today will greatly impact the economy of 5 and 10 years’ time. Mark will talk through City of Melbourne’s immediate response to the pandemic and also discuss the development on an Economic Development Strategy that is looking forward to 2031.

As the leader of the development of the City of Melbourne’s first ever Economic Development Strategy, Mark is ideally placed to speak to us about Melbourne's rebound from COVID.